Spring is here!

Spring cleaning also goes for your back yard.   Make sure to check around for heaving or lifting posts coming up from the ground.   You should never see cement around any of your posts at the base, if you do see cement they need to be replaced.  Spring is the best time to inspect all of your posts when the snow has cleared to avoid any further damage from high winds.  If your posts are leaning, this is another indicator that your wood post is rotting in the ground.  This rule of thumb also goes for PVC, Chain link, and Aluminum posts.  The only difference in Pvc, Chain link, and Aluminum is we don't have to replace those posts as they don't rot... Replacing posts only pertains to wood posts.  Feel free to call Fence on the Mend if you want us to inspect your fence for a free estimate today! 




Get $25 off total when you get (3) or more posts reset/replaced.

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